Article 1. The EPIC GRAN CANARIA is a road cycling event with a Criterium and two Gran Fondos regulated in Article 9 of the Regulation of "Cycling-Cycling for All" of the RFEC within the framework of a cycling specialty that conceives this sport as a physical exercise for leisure and tourist or cultural purposes, excluding competition. The EPIC GRAN CANARIA is a Gran Fondo Stages Tour with time trials of Free Speed, with an appreciable degree of difficulty, both for the mileage and for the unevenness, where the participation and the individual effort of the riders suppose a motivation of personal challange.

It will be made by open roads to the traffic and the participants will be considered normal users of public roads, subject to the general provisions of the Road Safety Act .. The test will be subject to the provisions of articles 15 and following of Annex II of the Royal Decree 1428/2003, of November 21, approving the General Circulation Regulations for the application and development of the articulated text of the Law on traffic, motor vehicle circulation and road safety, approved by the Royal Legislative Decree 339/1990, of March 2. The EPIC GRAN CANARIA is organized by the Sport Club Procycle G76262211, with the collaboration of the Island Sports Council of Gran Canaria, the municipalities of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Mogán and Santa Lucia.

Article 2. The EPIC GRAN CANARIA is presented with a Criterium and two Stages Gran Fondo, in total three Stages, the first stage with a Criterium (Friday, April 5th, 2019) in the Meloneras area at Mar Báltico Street. On the other hand, the second stage will be a Gran Fondo and will have the start line on (Saturday, April 6th, 2019) in the same area as Meloneras on Baltic Sea Street. The third stage will have an start line at the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas (Sunday, April 7, 2019). The participation in the Criterium it is necessary if you aspire to get the time bonuses for the general ranking. On Friday, the CRITERIUM will begin at 5:00 pm with the final Night Crit at 20:30) On Saturday, the Gran Fondo with 75 kilometers will start at 08:30am and on Sunday will close with the queen stage, a Gran Fondo with 115kms, also it gil start at 08:30 a.m.

Article 2.1. NIGHT CRIT. Time Bonus


1º 00:01:30 (1Minute 30 Second)

2º 00:01:00 (1 Minute)

3º 00:00:30 (30 Seconds)


1º 00:00:40 (40 Second)

2º 00:00:20 (20 Seconds)

3º 00:00:20 (10 Seconds)


The time shall be controlled electronically with the use of a chip. It is compulsory to use the chip, attached to the number plate. The number plate must be fixed on the front of the handlebar. The chip does not work if it is in direct contact with the bicycle or if more than one chip on the ankle or if placed anywhere elsewhere. The time control system has been proved to be completely reliable, so those participants who do not cycle through all the checkpoints shall not be deemed as classified: departure at the established time, arrival and other checkpoints located along the route. Any participant overtaken by the "End of event" vehicle shall be considered as out of the event and shall hand in their number, chip and bicycle number plate; making use of the sweeper bus.There shall be four eliminatory checkpoints and deadlines shall be set for passing through these checkpoints. Any participant exceeding these deadlines shall have to pull out of the event, using the sweeper bus or, having left the event, as a normal user of public highways under his or her own responsibility, without any assistance of the organization, should the participant decide to continue the route.

ELIMINATION SYSTEM STAGE 1: Any participant to be overtaken by the vehicle "End of Trial" is considered out of it, and must deliver THE bib number; making use of the bus or ending the stage under their responsibility. There are two eliminatory control points, with the following passage time: MASPALOMAS - TIRAJANA 1:40hrs. 

ELIMINATION SYSTEM STAGE2: Any riders to be overtaken by the vehicle "End of Trial" is considered out of it, and must deliver the bib number; making use of the bus or ending the stage under their responsibility. In the first stage there are two eliminatory control points, with the following maximum times of passage: MIRADOR AYAGAURES (Ayagaures Pueblo-Mirador): 30min I HIGH AYACATA (Philippines-Ayacata): 2: 30Hrs.









Article 2.3 The point for solid and liquid provisions are published in the route infoWhile the event is taking place, the Organization shall have a team of doctors, ambulances and mobile Intensive Care Units, fixed first-aid posts, a medical post at the arrival and sweeper buses.

Article 2.4 PRIZES. To qualify for a diploma, certification or special distinction will be an essential condition to have completed the event.

Article 2.6 Ranking Categories

Ages groups:

Woman y Men

15-18 Years

18-34 Years

35-39 Years

35-39 Years

40-44 Years

45-49 Years

50-54 Years

54-59 Years

+60 Years

Article 3. The cost of registration fees are as follows:


FIRST 100 RIDERS: 59€        

101-300 RIDERS: 69€    

FROM 301 RIDERS: 79€



101-300 RIDERS: 69€

FROM 301 RIDERS: 79€



STAGE 2 I 6 APRIL 2019 I GRAN FONDO 75 KM: 40€ 

STAGE 3 I 7 APRIL 2019 I GRAN FONDO 115 KM: 40€

*For the Non-Federated, € 10 is established for the one-day license insurance. Triathlon licenses are not valid.

Article 4. In order to pick up the participant number it IS MANDATORY to show your ID or passport, and your RFEC licence in the case that the insurance proposed by the Organization has not been taken out. The start number collection is personal and cannot be delegated on others. If not, the participant must pay 10€ for the participant's insurance.

Article 5. IT IS ONLY CONSIDERED A VALID REGISTRATION when registration fees have been paid.

Article 6. The inscriptions are considered FINAL so in the case of not being able to participate, Welcomen Pack Pack will be delivered ONLY THE DAYS OF STAGES, but the return of the registration will not be made. The inscriptions are strictly personal and non-transferable and can not be used by anyone other than the one registered. It is not possible to substitute one participant for another.

Article 7. The registration of the EPIC GC includes a numbered plate, control chip, welcome pack with a event jersey (Just resgistrations  before 31th January, after this date you can buy iton the online shop , physiotherapy service, supplies, mechanical service, medical service, chemical toilets, final lunch, point for solid and liquid provisions and a Finisher diploma. The time control will be done electronically by using a chip. 

Article 8. The bibs will be collected right next to the finish line on Baltic Sea Street (Meloneras) on Friday, April 6 during the Criterium test from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Bibs will not be given to riders who participate outside the indicated time, even if they only participate in the event. All participants must carry, in a mandatory and visible way: the chip and the number. Any rider who does not wear the bib number in a visible way will be excluded from the tour by members of the organization or by the forces of order. The bib number and chip are personal and non-transferable items. The registered person can only participate with the number assigned to him and accepts not to allow the use of it to other people. No claims will be admitted due to loss of the chip or placement in an inappropriate place. The bib number of another participant may be removed with original or photocopy of the necessary documents (ID or license). Photographs on mobile phones will not be valid. For those under 18 years of age, it is mandatory to present the paternal authorization (download attached sheet) duly signed, in the event of not presenting the license, 10 € of the day license will be charged as compulsory insurance to participate in the march.

Article 9. Any participant who is seen towed by any vehicle will be sanctioned by the organization. Prohibition of companion vehicles in accordance with the Traffic Regulations. The law enforcement agencies will detain accompanying vehicles, which must be held responsible for the penalties that failure to comply with the traffic regulations causes.

Artículo 10. The Provincial Traffic Head Office, Guardia Civil, Municipal Police, Civil Defence and the Fire Brigade shall ensure the event is held safely. The Organization, advised by Civil Protection Organizations, may order the partial or total suspension of the event if it has sufficient information on risks that may affect the safety of participants or collaborating personnel. These risks may be associated with Adverse Weather Phenomena (Storms, Heavy Winds, Hailings, etc.), Floods, landslides, terrorist threat, etc. or any other incident outside the cycling tour that could potentially affect it. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is reported that the course will be clearly marked with the aid of a system of arrows and panels, as well as markers. The signage will be removed after the event is over.

Artículo 11. The organization shall provide mechanical assistance during the event. In the case of breakdown, labour shall be free of charge but all replacement parts shall be paid for by the participants. Only repairs that can be carried out en route shall be taken into account, except for punctures. There shall be fixed posts for mechanical assistance.

Artículo 12. Equipment: It is compulsory to wear a helmet. For security reasons, you can only participate with conventional road bikes with brakes on both wheels and without time trial or triathlon handlebars.

Artículo 13. The Organization shall not be liable for any accident that might be caused by or involve a participant, who must be covered by the federated insurance, nor is it liable for any expenses or debts that may be incurred during the event by participants, nor for any loss or damage regarding bicycles or other equipment of the participants. The Organization shall be exempt from any liability for loss or damage of personal property under any circunstances.

Artículo 14. All participants must diligently follow the provisions of the Road Safety Act and its Regulations. The event is held on roads open to traffic. Whoever does not comply with the law shall be expelled from the event in question and subsequent events. Each participant declares to know the event’s regulations. This document informs participants of the potential risks involved in taking part in the event. By means of this document, participants declare that they assume the risks involved in the event, and that the organization shall not be liable for any incident or accident resulting from taking part in the event.

Artículo 15. The acceptance of this regulation is accepted at the time of registration in the EPIC GRAN CANARIA. The organization is not responsible for any accident that could cause or victim the participant, which must be covered by the corresponding federal license or accident insurance contracted to the organization in case of not being federated. The Organization shall not be liable for any accident that might be caused by or involve a participant, who must be covered by the federated insurance, nor is it liable for any expenses or debts that may be incurred during the event by participants, nor for any loss or damage regarding bicycles or other equipment of the participants. The Organization shall be exempt from any liability for loss or damage of personal property under any circumstances. In the event that the EPIC GRAN CANARIA can not be held, for reasons unrelated to the Organization, whether due to weather, state of emergency, meteorological alert or any other, the participants will be returned the part of the registration that does not has been engaged in the organization of the event. The organization will not assume any other responsibility if the event is suspended or postponed due to force majeure. Participants are strongly recommended to have a medical examination before participating in the event.

Article 16. Without prior notice, the Organization reserves the right to make any appropriate changes, if deemed necessary for any reason. It also reserves the Right to Refuse Admission.

Artículo 17. The user declares to have read and accepted the legal conditions for taking part in the Epic Gran Canaria:

  • The user will be taking part on April 5-7th 2019 in the Epic Gran Canaria.
  • The user declares that he/she understands that the EPIC GRAN CANARIA is a sportive event.
  • The user declares that he/she is in a good health condition to take part in a resistance or ultra- resistance sportive event.
  • The user is the only one responsible for the care and safe-keeping of his/her material, including loss or damage of the personal items, as well as theft or other reasons.
  • The user undertakes to abide by the rules of the Spanish Road Safety Act and its Regulations, taking proper care for my own safety and that of the other participants and users of the public highway.
  • The user exonerates the Club Procycle, the president and executive committee, the Federación Española de Ciclismo, the Federación de ciclismo Canario, Sponsors and/or any other individual or legal entity connected with the organisation of the event from any liability arising from any accident due either to reasons of traffic or to sporting accidents.
  • The user accepts to exercise extreme precautions for any kind of unforeseen events or vehicles that might be driving on the route.
  • The user knows that there are hazardous stretches on which he/she must take special care. Also that there are prolonged descents with bends on which he/she will reduce speed in order to avoid harm to him/herself and/or others. And that there are stretches on which the state of the road does not conform to adequate safety conditions, and different tunnels which may NOT be lit and I exonerate the organizers from liability for any harm I may suffer due to the poor state of the road or due to a defect in the road traffic infrastructure.
  • The user knows that the possibility of suffering a sports accident is inherent to cycling, and he/she personally assumes liability for any accident he/she may cause to him/herself, other participants in the event and a third party unconnected with the event, exonerating the organisers from any liability arising from such accidents.

Article 18. Participate in this event implies acceptance of these regulations and the waiver of all rights against the organization, waiving any legal action that may arise from their participation in the event.

Article 19. Participants shall be strictly penalized in the following cases: Do not respect the Highway Code. Do not respect the security procedures given by the police and by the Organization. Do not cycle through the departure checkpoint and through other checkpoints located along the route. Dirty or degrade the route by throwing away rubbish. Have their own escort vehicle, hindering the progress of the rest. Behave in a way that stops the event from being carried out as normal and that contravenes these regulations. Locate themselves at departure locations that are not permitted by their participant number. Members of the police and of the Organization shall take note of those who behave as mentioned above. The Organization has a commitment with other participants and the authorities to penalize such participants effectively. The penalty shall be: Disqualification from the event without the right to receive a diploma or medal. Inclusion on the lists of penalized participants, for later publication. A ban on taking part in future events. Any penalties imposed by the authorities, warranted as a result of the attitude taken.

Article 20. The Organization shall designate a group of participants whose role shall be to ensure the safety of the event. They shall carry a kit that shall identify them at all times. These collaborators shall be entitled to inform the Organization of any breach of Article 19 by any participant, such communication being equal in value to any complaints made by the Organization itself.

Article 21. The EPIC GRAN CANARIA, can have modifications for organizational needs, authorizations, travel etc. The amendments to the Regulation, as well as its annexes, will be published on the website

Article 22. The participant authorizes the processing and transfer of their data to the Organizing and collaborating entities of this event in order to process the registration in the event and manage everything related to the participation in the march. It also authorizes the processing and transfer of data to the organizing, sponsoring and collaborating entities of this event available at, for advertising purposes and commercial prospecting, so that these entities can direct offers of products and services that They are marketed by any means, including by email, SMS or any other equivalent means of electronic communication. We inform you that you can exercise in front of this / s entity / s your rights of access rectification, opposition and cancellation of your personal data by contacting


The Epic Gran Canaria´s objective is to deliver an unparalleled 'professional' experience for amateur cyclists. This means not only delivering first class hospitality and event management, but all the key ingredients that make up the culture and experience of professional road racing.



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