What is the Epic Gran Canaria?

The EPIC GRAN CANARIA is a road cycling event within the International calendar with two Gran Fondo regulated in Article 9 of the Regulation of "Cycle Tourism-Cycling for All" of the RFEC.

When does the Epic gran Canaria 2020 take place?

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 February 2020


Where do the stages of the Epic Gran Canaria begin and end?


The two stages from the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas located in the Mirador de las Dunas, just at the end of Avda. Tirajana (Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, Avda Tirajana S / N)


FEBRUARY 14 - COLLECTION OF DORSALS: 12:00 am - 21:00 pm Viewpoint of the Dunes (Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas) MAP

FEBRUARY 15 - STAGE 1: Viewpoint of the Dunes (Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, Avda Tirajana S / N) Sports cycle: 08:30 am - 15:00 pm REUTE

FEBRUARY 16 - STAGE 2: Mirador de las Dunas (Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, Avda Tirajana S / N) Sports cycle: 08:30 am - 13:00 pm REUTE


STAGE 1: Three points of solid and liquid supplies. (Viewpoint of Ayagaures, Philippines and Ayacata)

STAGE 2: A solid and liquid refreshment point. (Town Square of Tirajana)

Are roads open to traffic?

The two Gran Fondo stages will take place with open traffic, only at the time trials the roads are closed to traffic, however it is mandatory for participants to stay in their lane and respect the traffic signs as well as the indications of the security and protection bodies civil throughout the tour.

Are there time limits to complete the time trials?

Every participant when being passed by the “End of Test” broom vehicle is considered outside of it, and must deliver the bicycle's number, chip and plate; using the broom bus or ending the tour at your own risk.

Can I receive particular assistance during the Gran Fondo from my team, friends or family?

Only assistance from the organization at the supply points and support cars of the organization is allowed. Any participant who is ahead of the green flag, can not keep up and not get on the "broom vehicle", will be out of the race and will not receive assistance from the organization.


Who can participate in the Epic Gran Canaria?

Any cyclist looking for a challenge and wants to enjoy road cycling in a unique environment like the island of Gran Canaria offers.

What is the minimum age to participate in the Epic Gran Canaria? And the maximum?

Every cyclist must have turned 18 to be able to take the exit at Epic Gran Canaria. Cyclists between 15 and 18 years old may also participate with the authorization of their legal guardian. There is no maximum age to complete the Epic Gran Canaria.

Should I be federated? Am I covered in case of an accident?

It is not necessary to be federated. Those participants who are not in possession of the RFEC-UCI license, must contract the policy on the day of the race during the registration process.
The prevention and evacuation protocol of the Epic Gran Canaria includes ambulance service and each participant will be covered by insurance (license or policy of the day).

Do I need a medical certificate to participate?

Current sports legislation allows participation without medical examination in cycling tests. However, it is recommended that all participants have performed a medical review as well as a stress test prior to participation in the Epic Gran Canaria since it is a resistance test that requires great physical effort for a long time. Each participant is responsible for taking part in the Epic Gran Canaria in full physical and health conditions, and thus accepts it by confirming the conditions of participation during the registration process.


How can I sign up for the Epic Gran Canaria?

Through the Web

What does the registration to Epic Gran Canaria include?

All participants will receive the broker's bag with Merchandaising

How can I get a better price in the Registration + Accommodation package?

Contact us epicgrancanaria@gmail.com and we will recommend several options. SEE RIU HOTELS

Due to agenda problems it is impossible for me to go to the Epic Gran Canaria. Can I transfer the registration from one edition to another?

We are sorry. We are not responsible for the changes that each participant may suffer. In no case will the registration fee be refunded or transferred to the next edition. The transfer of the number to another person is also strictly prohibited. If for other circumstances you can not participate, you can pick up the broker's bag only on the day of delivery of bibs.


Where and when can I pick up the bib number?


On Friday, February 14 from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm, at the viewpoint of the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas.

Who can pick up the number?

The back of another participant may be removed with original or photocopy of the necessary documents (ID or license). Photographs on mobile phones will not be valid. For those under 18 years of age it is mandatory to present the paternal authorization (download attached sheet) duly signed, in the event of not presenting the license, € 10 of the day license will be charged as mandatory insurance to participate in the march.


What classifications and awards will there be?

Each day there will be general classification and stage divided by age groups and symbolic prizes are awarded to the first men and women who have finished each stage.

If your question has not yet been answered above, please send us an email epicgrancanaria@gmail.com






The objective of the Epic Gran Canaria is to deliver an unparalleled "professional" experience generally reserved for professional cyclists. This not only means an excellent organization of the event or accommodation in a first level hotel, but also guarantees all the fundamental ingredients that make up the culture and experience of road cycling.



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